Know your break-even figure

The Break-Even Number In a very complicated world, it is always great to simplify things – to have goals, a clear vision, a one-pager plan. But for most entrepreneurs, numbers are one of those complicated matters best left to others, although it needn’t be that way. And when it comes to one particular number, it

5 Tax Savings for Tech Companies

A decade ago, the economy was dominated by big mining and industrial companies. Today, Naspers is the biggest company in Africa by market cap and mostly due to their investment in the technology giant, Tencent. Technology companies are on the rise and it is no different in South Africa. The South African Government also acknowledges

How Xero keeps this Shark swimming

Visit the Blog and read more about how the status quo wasn’t cutting it for The Beancounter’s clients — or Marnus himself. “My business and my clients’ businesses were being held back by the antiquated processes of the accounting profession. It was time to make a change.”